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What are the positive qualities of biorevitalization?

Marina Ozmanov a dermatologist-cosmetologist of an esthetic medical center FABULAB:
– Biorevitalization is an injection method that ensures deep moisturizing of a skin by recovering bio-lifting collagen and elastin. With aging due to decreasing an amount of hyaluronic acid the wrinkles increase on a skin. Biorevitalization procedure helps skin to fight against the all signs of aging and promotes recovery of firmness of every layer.

In what age can start a woman to take a biorevitalization procedure and how long does it take?
– It is individual and depends on a skin type; however it is needed from age of 25. The procedure is conducted by anæsthesia (by using a gel) and a procedure takes 30-35 minutes in total.

Are there any side effects?
– This procedure does not cause any allergic or other side effects.

What advice would you give to the women who have never taken a biorevitalization procedure?
– If you are above 25, formation of wrinkles in early age is a big problem for you, besides you love taking sunbaths and rarely use skin moistening products, you definitely need the most safe and effective procedure – biorevitalization. Please visit us at FABULAB, where you will meet a team of professionals, who will take care of your rejuvenation.