Surface and deep cleaning of a face with a device
The full cleansing of a face improves its condition and helps absorption of active ingredients contained in creams and serums deep into a skin.

Needless mesotherapy
Needless mesotherapy is a special painless method, during which a biologically active substance, hyaluronic acid and vitamins are injected into a skin by an electrophoresis in non-invasive way.
Mesotherapeutic medical products are mixes of mineral substances, vitamins and amino-acids that ar selected based on procedure side effects.

Botox is used for removing mimic wrinkles. Mimic wrinkles are determined by activity of mimic muscles. When they contract the skin starts folding and it does not return to its original position and over time mimic wrinkles are formed. Most frequently they appear on forehead, between eyebrows in eye corners.

During applying Botox a doctor specialist must fully know their dosages and correct application. We are confident to say that we have highly qualified experienced personnel specialized in applying the Botox that is produced and they have the appropriate certificate.
– PRP – technology, plasmolifting, in combination with biorevitalization
– contour makeup (permanent)